Crown Commercial are very different to many other New Zealand mid-market business brokers. We specialise in the sale of businesses across a wide range of sectors to include hospitality (bars, restaurants, cafes), retail, manufacturing, import and export, service as well as transport. We will micro manage the process from initial contact to completion and handover.

Selecting a business broker to assist you in the complex process of selling a business is the first crucial stage in achieving a successful outcome. Crown Commercial really understand the process of selling a business and have many years’ experience of either operating their own businesses or handling disposals and acquisitions on behalf of our of clients across various business sectors.

We are proactive, result driven and our service to both purchasers and vendors is personal, professional, comprehensive and confidential. We offer a very competitive commission structure and our typical client business will be valued between $150,000 and $1.5 million.


Thinking of selling your business?

The process of selling a business is quite simple. We will arrange a suitable time to meet with you, ideally at the business but if confidentiality is an issue at our offices. We will require the below information about the business, from which we will be able to provide you with a valuation based on the information you have supplied to us, using at least two business valuation methods.

  • Ownership of the business
  • Assets - tangible assets, intangible assets and stock
  • Financial accounts
  • Lease and rent reviews (if relevant)
  • Staff

First of all we will need to understand the reasons for the sale and gain an understanding of your preferred exit strategy. We also need to take an overview of the business in order to advise on the best way to structure the business for sale. Many businesses are placed on the market without any pre-planning at all. For example, is the success of the business reliant on the current owner? Will significant investment be required in the short term? Are there any agreements in place with suppliers or distributors? What are the relationships with key customers and suppliers?

We are proactive, result driven and our service to both purchasers and vendors is personal, professional, comprehensive and confidential

The Business Sales Process
  • The Initial Business Appraisal
  • Written Valuation
  • Marketing
  • Confidentiality
  • Negotiation
  • Execute Agreement
  • Due Diligence
  • Settlement


Once a sales price has been agreed and we are formally instructed to act for you, we will discuss a tailor made marketing strategy. 
Marketing of the business can be discreet if required with a targeted approach to purchasers we have existing relationships with or if confidentiality is not an issue we can market the business using on line advertising portals as well as local and national print press, business, industry or trade magazines and websites as well as leaflets or social media campaigns. All potential buyers that we speak to will be requested to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to us releasing any information about the business and we will carry out a due diligence program on all buyers who wish to present offers to confirm they have the ability to purchase the business.

There will normally be a period of negotiations between one or several buyers. Know that we will always have your best interests in mind and will always be keeping you informed, advising you on the best course of action, but ultimately taking your instructions on how to proceed in each instance. Once an agreement to sell the business has been reached, we will draft the sale and purchase agreement outlining the terms of sale in co-operation with your lawyer for all parties to sign. We will cover this in more detail during the sales process and every buyer may have specific requirements or conditions they present in their offers.

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